Welcome to our new site

Thanks for visiting our new site. We are looking forward to exciting things for ILC in the near future.  As the Middle East faces ongoing challenges we are committed to helping to meet the vast education challenges that are before us and helping to serve these great people.  We are looking at adding pages as we go and showing you some of the work we have been doing in the West Bank, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or have another way that you would like to be updated about the work or weather you would like to join us in this exciting time.

As will all new bits of technology there may be broken links, spelling mistakes and some missing content.  But keep posted as we do our best to keep you informed, to increase our support base and most importantly of all to serve the people of the Middle East.

In the photo is our Director, Janine Samuel’s handing graduates certificates in language studies. We  are so excited to keep you updated with our work in the Middle East.

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