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International Learning Centres



International Learning Centers (ILC) is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.  Specifically, its purpose is to promote education and development throughout the world. ILC works through its own branches and representatives, and in partnership with local organizations to carry out educational and humanitarian programs which will benefit local communities.  Depending on the needs and interests of the community, the ILC may organize learning opportunities in the following areas: language learning, linguistic science and linguistic investigation; science, technology, computer science, and computer programming; economics, business, and commerce; medicine, health care, nutrition, and hygiene; religious concerns; ecology and environmental issues; political science and democratic processes; literature, fine arts, performing arts, and all cultural areas; sports and entertainment; journalism and communications media.  Diverse and creative learning opportunities may take the form of schools and courses taught by local or foreign citizens, formal and informal discussion groups, correspondence courses; student exchange programs; exchanges of scholars, scientists, and specialists; lectures by local staff or visiting specialists; the translation, editing, printing, and publishing of books, articles and journals; the organization of festivals, symposiums, exhibitions, concerts, and performances; educational radio and television programming; ecological, sociological, and anthropological research and investigation.  ILC seeks to integrate learning and development by working within communities to identify their own needs and to help them take responsibility for improving their communities in practical ways.

Meet our Director


Born in Australia, Janine has worked in the Middle East for many years. She is a qualified TESOL Instructor and has run seminars and training workshops on topics such as Cross-Cultural Communication; Cultural Acquisition; Team Building and Facilitator Training for the “Shine” women's empowerment program. It is her mission to empower men, women and youth through ILC's educational and developmental programs to achieve sustainable development in the Middle East. Janine was instrumental in the establishment of ILC in Israel and the Palestinian Territories and continues to oversee the work with a view to expanding the reach of ILC's programs into the broader region. Janine is currently enrolled in the Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies program through Deakin University, Melbourne Australia.


ILC projects and programs are of an educational and humanitarian nature and as such it does not participate in political activities nor does it promote or advocate for or against any political party or government or governmental agencies, including the publication or distribution of any literature which is political in nature. ILC does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race or gender or age. ILC is a signatory to the Code of Conduct of the IFRC.